LCCI syllabus

Bookkeeping Lvl 1 Syllabus

Bookkeeping and Accounts Lvl 2 Syllabus

Accounting Lvl 3 Syllabus



Level 1
A Level 1 qualification improves your basic knowledge and skills in a particular subject or job area and helps you to use your learning to complete straight-forward routine tasks with direction and guidance. It also helps you to prepare for Level 2 qualifications.

Level 2
A Level 2 qualification gives you a good knowledge and understanding of a subject or job area. It helps you to use your learning to complete clearly set tasks and solve straightforward problems with some guidance or supervision. Level 2 qualifications are usually the recommended minimum entry requirements for jobs.

Level 3
A Level 3 qualification develops your ability to learn and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills at a detailed level. It helps you to use your learning in a wide range of complex tasks and situations and develops your supervisory skills. If your job role requires you to work independently or supervise and train others in your fi eld of work then this level is suitable for you. Also suitable if you are planning to go to university or progress to professional qualifications.


2 回應 to “LCCI”

  1. Swee Beng 四月 9, 2010 於 5:26 下午 #

    Hi Joey,

    Do you have LCCI annual qualification review of cost and management accounting for 2009?

    Thanks & have a nice day!
    Swee Beng

    • joeyma 四月 11, 2010 於 12:36 上午 #

      AQR are available to download via the LCCI webiste. Both Cost accounting Lvl 2/3 and Managment Accounting LVl 3 are among the review papers. But the their web for asia seems to be under construction now.


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